GameMasters And Admins Rules/Tasks

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GameMasters And Admins Rules/Tasks

Post by Ying on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:53 pm

GameMasters And Admins Rules and Tasks

No abusing other user if done it will result in revokeing
no harasing or jailing them for no apperent reason
no giving other user item
no gm leveling others
no sommoning to much monster
we are watching but you guys wont no were watching if broken these rules result in revoke
hope these help

No Revoking
Do Not make other people GM Without Permision
Do Not Max Items or Equips Stats and give it to the users
No abusing
No Harrasing
Do not Give out admin or gm items
If these Rules have been broken you will be revoked[/size]

They're Watching




What's your standard time (Ex: -6:00 CMT) :

How long are you online per day? :

How long have you played Maplestory? :

Have you ever been a GM? :

If you have, list the server names and version (55 or 62):

How can you contribute to the server? :

What good qualities (What are you good at) do you have? :

How many GM commands do you know? :

Have you read the XCboyMS Rules? :

Anything else you would like to add? :


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