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In Game Rules

Post by Ying on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:04 pm

1) No whispering GM's unless you need their attention ASAP. This means you may NOT ask them what time events are, or where to get certain items, etc. If you wish to contact them, buy a smega and use it. Whispering interferes with any possible private discussions they may be having.
2) No advertising other servers, in game or on the forums.
3) Do not ask for personal information other than somebody's name, age, or hobbies. We can read chat logs, so don't ask for any information that pertains to fraud.

1) For whispering GM's when they asked you not to, you will be jailed and muted.
2) Advertising other servers also earns you a nice IP muting.
3) Asking for personal information that can be used for fraud will result in being Temp. Banned/Perm. Banned

No abusing other user if done it will result in revokeing
no harasing or jailing them for no apperent reason
no giving other user item
no gm leveling others
no sommoning to much monster
we are watching but you guys wont no were watching if broken these rules result in revoke
hope these help

No Revoking
Do Not make other people GM Without Permision
Do Not Max Items or Equips Stats and give it to the users
No abusing
No Harrasing
Do not Give out admin or gm items
If these Rules have been broken you will be revoked


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