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Forum Rules

Post by Ying on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:10 pm


-No Double Posting(Even If It's in The Spam Section]
-Don't Spam Topics[I.E: Suggestion Section;Lonewolf Made tons of topics just to post 2 -3 suggestions per topic. JUST USE THE EDIT BUTTON
-No Insults, That's just pissing people off and then everyone starts spamming.
-PLEASE Make Yes/No Polls in the suggestion section. If you do, People Shall Vote Yes or No if it's a Good Idea.
-Use Spoilers When posting images.
-Max signature size is 500x250
-Avatar’s must be 150x200 or smaller

-Don’t doublepost/bump
-No fangasm
-Don’t troll
-New members must introduce themselves
-Do not post pornography, etc.
-Respect moderators and admin
-Don’t necropost
-Do not pretend to be an administrator or moderator

Chatbox Rules:
-Do not Spam
-Don't Cursing/Flaming
-Post images/Videos in Spoilers
-Don't Advertise in the chatbox(You WILL Get Banned. Even If it's a Joke.)
-Don't Piss off other players.
-Do not enter youtube videos in the chatbox or expand the chatbox with large imgs.

More To come Soon.


Sometimes Love, Comes around. And It knocks you down, just get back up, when it knocks you down, knocks you down.


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