XCboyMS donwload and registration. ( Very Noob freindly)

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XCboyMS donwload and registration. ( Very Noob freindly)

Post by [Owner] XCboy on Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:45 am

XCboyMS download links and its auto register. the words are links lol...

v62 SetUp

XCboyMS Client

Hamachi donwload

Wzmss.dll fix just download and install

DxWnd for windows mode (Optional)

Winrar to extract dxwnd just right click and click extract here


1. Download my client and hamachi.

2. install hamachi and join one of these networks XCboyMS 8 -20 Example ( XCboyMS8, XCboyMS9)
The pass for them all is 123
Don't join them all please. O.0

3. Put my client in your MS v62 folder and play or you can play in windows mode.

Windows Mode instructions:

1. Donwload DxWnd and Winrar.

2. install Winrar.

3. Right click on DxWnd it should look like a piece of paper with a internet sign on it.

4. click extract here.

5 then you'll see DxWnd Come out. Open it and right click and then modify, a box should come up click on the top and browse for my client ( Make sure its in the v62 folder ) Then you click open now you check the directx 8 box and then click ok then right click and click excecute then ur in the game ( remember hamachi has to be open).
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