KoC Skills are here (Knights of Cyngus) Tutorial

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KoC Skills are here (Knights of Cyngus) Tutorial

Post by [Owner] XCboy on Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:30 pm

i recomend you to make a copy of string.wz and skill.wz in your maple folder before you replace them for just in case and close maple when you replace the files.

(1) You download the skills "the skills from knights of cygnus"

(2) You extract the skills with winrar or whatever you use.

(3 )you open the skill folder and "COPY" those ""2"" files in the folder witch are called string.wz-/-skill.wz

(4) go to your maplestory folder and paste it REPLACE THE 2 FILES

DONT Copy and PASTE THEM!!! or you'll be screwed. Just drag them into the folder and click yes to all

then your done i'm sure the download time is worth it.

Link: KoC Skills
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